Mt. Meru is the ‘Forgotten Mountain’ overshadowed by the better known Kilimanjaro but this is a mountain that should not be overlooked. Meru is older than Kilimanjaro and geologically more interesting with its’ sheer-sided crater wall and perfect ash cone. It is a spectacular climb whose challenge is also the ideal acclimatization for Kilimanjaro. As always, we will provide you with all the necessary Pre-Departure information, equipment list, and information to better prepare you for your adventure! While we recommend the Meru trek of 3 nights, 4 days it can be done in 2 nights and 3 days just as well by continuing down the mountain after the summit! Let us know what you would like.

 Eclipsed by the majestic ice-dome of its near neighbor Mt Kilimanjaro, Mt Meru has never gained its rightful place as a major tourist attraction on the northern Tanzania circuit. But to anyone visiting Arusha, the jagged profile of this grand volcano, rising from its densely forested flanks. Inevitably send a fascinating and challenging call. The climbing up Meru is nowhere difficult or technical, but the altitude may well affect some people. For the 3-4 days invested in the trek, Mt Meru will yield a rich reward of scenery, wildlife, flowers & geology.

 She will also provide a radical change in the environment that refreshes the spirit and physical challenge that renews the body. Highlights are little Meru, Uhuru peak & the ash cone. Whether as a warm-up for the epochal climb up Kilimanjaro, like a weekend trip for the Arusha resident or in combination with an extended visit to the varied & beautiful national park around Arusha, Mt Meru will reward her visitors.