One of the important prerequisites of a successful summit attempt is being properly equipped. Ensure that you are well equipped – print this Checklist and mark it off, it will be an essential part of your preparation for the climb. Please remember to limit the weight of your duffel bag and its content, to be carried by the porters on the climb, to 20 kg or less. Extra luggage, including clean clothes to wear after your climb, can be left at the hotel or in our office. Please feel free to contact us for any further questions regarding the checklist. We also provide a complete and quality rental service on all the equipment required on the mountain, as a sensible alternative to purchasing.
Please note: This checklist is only a guideline.
Make sure you have everything you need to help you successfully summit the Roof of Africa.

Travel Documents

Essential Items

High Altitude Gear

Hiking Gear



Personal Items

Medical and First Aid Supplies

Optional Items